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You can travel to these countries without a visa

If you are fond of traveling, then you will have to make plans to travel not only to the country but also to travel abroad. Traveling abroad is everyone's dream.

Traveling abroad will be fun 

Often people plan to travel abroad but visa is required for that. But in some countries visa is not applicable.

Abroad Without Visa Trip 

If you too without visa, If you want to travel, there are some beautiful countries where you can visit. So let's talk about these countries.

Where to Make Foreign Trip 

Thailand is a very beautiful country and thousands of tourists come here every day. Here you can travel without visa.


Jamaica is a very beautiful island, which is surrounded by sea and mountains. You can stay in Jamaica for up to 30 days without a visa.


There are 333 tropical islands in Fiji and the spas here are discussed all over the world. Fiji is known as a perfect holiday destination without a visa.


Maldives gives Visa on Arrival to Indian citizens. Often Bollywood stars spend their holidays in Maldives. You can roam here.


Indian citizens also get Visa on Arrival in Jordan. There are more than 1 lakh archaeological things to see here to visit


You can book flights for foreign travel a month in advance. Before going abroad, get a good information about the flight

How to Travel 

Can travel without visa. But you must have a passport. Keep Aadhar card and other necessary documents along with passport.

Carry Passport with You 

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